Monday, December 15, 2008

What is Ressie Anyway?

Many counties and small towns throughout Mississippi have tales of strange and unexplained "animal" sightings. From "The Gluckstadt Giant" to the "Hot Coffee Creeper". From the "Biloxi Gill Man" to the "Devil Dogs" of the Delta. However none of these 'supposed' creatures capture the imagination like the thing(s) that some people believe inhabit the murky depths of The Ross Barnett Reservoir in central Mississippi. The local Choctaw tribes referred to the thing as "The Great Toothed Whip". The first settlers who lived along the banks of the Pearl River called it "The Hog Eater". In recent times most people just refer to it as "Ressie".

The Ross Barnett Reservoir is a man made lake that is fed by the mighty Pearl River. This vast body of water is edged all around by prehistoric swamps and sloughs. Its waters are stained a dark brown by sediment and it is home to a multitude of wildlife from Alligators to Giant Catfish. In short it is the perfect habitat for a lake monster.

Very few photos have ever been taken of Ressie, but eye witness accounts have been reported. Eye witnesses describe it as large, finned, brownish green in color with a large serpentine neck. The head has been described as looking like everything from a giant turtle to that of a hairless camel. All who have seen it agree that it appears reptile in nature.

If you have seen Ressie, or know someone who has please contact us at and we will share your story.

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