Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday Fishing Trip Interrupted

My in-box is starting to fill up. Here's the most recent one from an anonymous eyewitness.

To whom it may concern,

You know I like to take that bass boat of mine up into the weeds when the big boys aint biting too good. If you get that stink bait they sell down at the Totes-Em you can catch you a string of catfish. Well that's what I had in mind a few weeks back. It was Sunday when I motored up into the marsh, just me a six pack of PBR and a whole day of fishing. Well, things were going real well until I felt a bump underneath my boat and then I heard a slurping, sloshing sound like a toilet backing up. I had my beer in my hand, and I almost dropped it. You might think I'm crazy because of what I am about to tell you, but I stood up to look over the edge to see what was making all the ruckus and I saw something that about turned my hair all white. Looked like a snake, or maybe an alligator with a real long neck, but the thing was huge and ugly. I was so scared that I jumped back and near about tipped over the boat. That thing, and now that I think about it, it looked like some kind of something out of Jurassic Park, reared up and swallowed all of my catfish in one gulp. Then it disappeared underneath the water. I motored on back to the shore as fast as I could, praying all the while that if the good Lord lets me make it home safe to my kids I'd never fish on Sunday again. Well, as you might could figure I made it back in one piece, but I don't think the Lord's going to mind if I take a bass now and again on his day, so I'm going to be out there again next Sunday, and this time I'm bringing a camera.

Well that really is a spectacular encounter. I would encourage everyone who ventures out onto the Ross Barnett Reservoir to bring a camera with them "just in case". Always better to be prepared. I would also strongly encourage anyone going out on the water to leave all pets, small children and pork products back on shore. Might want to leave the PBR back at home too. Those B.W.I.s can be very expensive.

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