Monday, December 15, 2008

Chicken Scare

We appreciate you sharing your Ressie stories with us. Frank Helms writes in with his story.

Dear Mr. Ketchum,

I think it's great that someone has finally found the courage to give Ressie witnesses a place to come forth without being ridiculed. For far too long "The Man" has sat in his ivory tower overlooking the spillway, keeping our stories from getting coverage. I think that they are scared of the truth, because if people learn the truth, then all the tourists will stop flocking to the banks of the Ross Barnett Reservoir for their summer vacations. They are simply scared of losing all of that money. People need to know that Ressie really is out there. I'm just happy that we now have the Internet. They should rename it the "truth-a-net"... or  the, well something that lets you know that the Internet is where you go for the truth and the facts. Sorry for getting all worked up. Here's my story. I'll make it quick. About two years ago I was pole fishing in my little two man boat up the river. I was in a slough off to the side right below Ratliff Ferry. It was just me and my pet chicken Reggie that morning just doing a little perch fishing. Nothing out of the ordinary for me. It was a workday so I was about the only person on the water that day. Anyway I was just sitting there and all the sudden Reggie started running in circles around the boat. Just started acting peculiar. I grabbed him up and held him and the look on his face was sheer terror. He must have smelt it before I saw it. Just then that thing raised up out of the water about twenty feet from me, it was dark green and had algae growing on it in patches. the head was moving pretty fast, so I didn't get a real good look at it, but it sort of looked like it had a horse's head, but no fur. Almost like a giraffe head even with the neck and all. Anyway as fast as it rose up it crashed back down and was gone. I haven't ever paddled so fast in my life. To this day you can't get Reggie near that boat.

Thanks again and good luck to you.

Frank Helms

Frank I appreciate your story. If more people would take a brave step forward then maybe, one day, we could figure out what is causing this phenomena. Is it a prehistoric animal? Is it an unknown creature? Is it a mutant? Or is it something else entirely? Your story has one element that ties it in with many other sightings. A companion animal. Ressie seems attracted and is possibly curious about other animals in its territory. Another thing it has shown interest in is people who bring food onto the water. Particularly those who have taken Honey baked Hams™ out with them. I know it sounds strange, but every other eye witness has either had a pet or Honey Baked Ham™ in their boat at the time of their sighting.

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