Monday, December 22, 2008

E-Mail from Frat Boy

I am going to paste the e-mail in uncorrected as it was sent to me.

What's up, bro?
I read your website all the time and it cracks my shit up.
Nobody really believes in this RIZZY creature, and your like a big joke here.
Me and my fraternity brothers think your probably on drugs.
Why ddont you get a life? You've probably never even been with a woman.
Walton Addleton


Hey I appreciate your interest in our project. Even skeptics are welcome. What isn't appreciated is the sarcastic and mocking tone of your e-mail. Drugs? That would be none of your business. Where women are concerned I am engaged... not that is any of your business either, but since you seem to be interested in my availability I just wanted to make it clear that I prefer women to the fellas there Walton. Let me tell you something kid. While you are down in the fraternity house basement doing keg stands and playing grab ass with your fraternity brothers, I'm working a full time job and pursuing something I believe in. What have you done lately except stick your hand out to your parents for your weekly allowance check?

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