Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ressie Traps Under Construction

Due to a flurry of new sightings I had to call Harv in to get started on the construction of 4 new traps. As you can see our trap manufacturing facility is large enough to accommodate the simultaneous production of up to fourteen traps. Once construction is done and the traps have been inspected, they will be loaded onto our flatbed semi and hauled out to the trap locations. Once the traps are unloaded and anchored a fresh Honey Baked Ham™ will be unceremoniously dropped into the bait basket and then the bicycle bell will be set. If a Ressie takes the bait this bell will ring alerting any team member in the area that we have a possible capture. The next four traps will be positioned in the reservoir and in two remote swamps up river. Wish us luck!

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