Thursday, January 8, 2009

Madison Cave Art Discovery

Mr. Ketchum,

I am pretty excited about a discovery that my husband and I made over the holidays. I'll keep this short and sweet. Typically on any given Saturday my husband and I make a point of going to the cinema. On this particular day we wanted to do something out of the norm so we got into the attic and pulled all of our caving gear down. We bought all of that stuff specifically to spelunk the Great Madison Caves, but we've actually only gone down three times. Anyway we drove out to "Found Rabbit" to the main cave entrance. This is the one that borders the Reservoir. The decent was unremarkable. We went in about two miles and shot some photos of the formations, walked down to the mammoth bone chamber, ate lunch and then decided it was time to climb out. While making our way out of the final shaft I noticed a small cave etching on the wall. It was pretty faint so I made a tracing from the photo so you can see it more clearly. I may be wrong but it looks as if a prehistoric peoples are attempting to keep a dinosaur like animal away from a boar. We are very good friends with the Dean of Archeology at Holmes Jr. College in Ridgeland. When he returns from his dig in Mexico I am going to present these photos to him so he can date this find for me. Until then let's keep this between us.

Happy hunting.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Windworthy

Wow. I am speechless. Please let us know what the Professor has to say about this as soon as you get some input!

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