Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a Blur

Mr. Ketchum,

While skiing this past summer my boyfriend and I had a strange encounter. After an uneventful morning of him pulling me all over the Reservoir, we stopped and I let him have a go at it. After I toweled off I decided to turn around and snap a quick photo. Just then something jumped over the tow line and landed with a great splash. We assumed it was a very large fish. But that night we noticed that I caught something on film. Could this be your monster? Maybe a young one?

- Confused in Ranking Co.

What I think is that you captured an image of an infant Ressie. It was probably just curious about your boat and checking you out. I shudder to think what was swimming around under your boyfriend while this was going on. Personally I don't ski on that Reservoir... or swim in it. If we stop to eat lunch while we are out checking traps I even sit way up on the bank away from the water. Just saying. Thanks for the sighting.

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